Best Cheap Cat Food If You’re On A Budget

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Buying cat food doesn't have to break the bank. There are a lot of companies out there pushing cheaper cat food options that taste great for your little furry friend. Check out this awesome guide that highlights some of my favorites.
Cat Eating Cat Food

Owning a cat can come with a lot of big responsibilities. There are a lot of bills that accompany this furry little friend. One major purchase you need to constantly make is cat food. Luckily there are a lot of options out there that taste great for your cat and are easy on your wallet. Some of the best cheap cat food will have your cat doing backflips when it is dinner time. I wanted to point out some viable options and the best places to buy them.

Cat food has definitely come a long way. The food blends no longer contain one ingredient anymore. With some flavors like country chicken dinner, roasted turkey with sweet potato, and fish with garden vegetables. Your cat will be eating better than you are and at a cheaper price tag.

Best Cheap Cat Food Options

Cat Food Categories

Don’t let owning a cat scare you aware. There are definitely some things to be aware of but Two Cat Freaks is going to make the process a little simpler. Taking in a cat can provide an endless amount of pleasure. Cats are also great for easing anxiety and stress. There is just something about seeing a cat sleeping peacefully that puts your own mind at ease.

Now back to the cat food!

There are two “types” of cat food categories you need to be aware of when making your decision.

Complete Cat Food

Complete cat food is exactly what it sounds like. It is the full package. Complete cat food is packed with the vitamins and nutrients your cat needs to grow up strong and healthy. This is going to be the food you see most often in stores and online.

Cat food companies can also “specialize” their food to cater to certain conditions like sensitive stomach or hairballs. If you’re just starting out I would suggest looking for a complete cat food. It removes the stress out of finding the right flavor combination. All you do is scoop the food out of the can and you are good to go! All of the best cheap cat food on this list falls under this category so you won’t have to stress about that.

Complementary Cat Food

The other type of cat food is called complementary. I personally like to think of this cat food as a reward treat. It isn’t designed to provide vitamins and nutrients but rather as a treat for doing a good behavior.

You shouldn’t feed your cat JUST complementary cat food because they won’t be getting any nutritional value. They may love the taste of the treats but it really isn’t doing much. IIt is called complementary cat food because it should compliment the complete cat food. I hope that makes sense.

3 Different Types Of Food

Cat food can come in many different forms and consistencies. I will get more into the details shortly but ideally it all depends on what your cat enjoys eating the most. There is nothing worse than trying to feed a picky cat. Once you settle on a flavor and brand stick with that one. Who knows when you will get another chance to change it up.

Wet Food

I would have to say that wet food is probably the most common type of cat food. Justine and I prefer to use wet food for feeding Watson. We only really give him dry food if he needs a snack before bed or during the day.

Wet cat food is perfect for giving your cat the moisture and hydration it needs throughout the day. If you’ve never seen wet cat food before don’t think of it as a soup-like consistency. It’s usually a protein meal combination with a little bit of moisture mixed in as well. Cats love it!

Wet cat food can come in a bunch of different flavors and protein options. One thing you should note though. Try to avoid foods that have artificial flavors and a lot of fillers. These types of food don’t settle well with your cat’s stomach and can cause some issues down the line. It’s best to make the switch sooner than later if you can. There are a lot of wonderful food options out there.


  • Cats come running when they hear the can opening up. They love wet food!
  • Has the highest moisture level and keeps your cat hydrated throughout the day.
  • Wet food does have an expiration date and should be used accordingly.


  • It doesn’t clean your cat’s teeth like dry food does.
  • Wet food is sometimes packed with fake flavors and fillers. Lot’s of quality mixtures as well.

Dry Food

As the name might suggest. Dry cat food is…dry. There is no moisture whatsoever so it is important to leave out a bowl of water so your cat can drink when they get thirsty. Dry food won’t give your cat the hydration it needs but that can be fixed by leaving out water.

One thing I love about dry food is the fact that most bags can be sealed back up and stored away. No gross cat food cans to deal with all the time. I simply leave a scoop in the bag and scoop out what I need.

Dry food can also be called “kibble” so don’t get confused. I think that some companies use kibble to make it sound fancier. It’s just dry food. One huge benefit of dry food is the fact that it can clean your cat’s teeth and gums. The dry food is harder to chew so it cleans away any plaque or gum disease.

Now dry food can still give your cat the proteins and nutrients it needs to grow healthy but I prefer wet food for feeding times. I usually just use dry food for snacks and when Watson is begging for food. It’s easy to scoop out a little and that’s it.


  • Cleans your cat’s teeth as an added benefit.
  • Has a much longer shelf life as opposed to wet canned food.
  • Dry cat food is considered less expensive because the bags are much larger.


  • If you leave a bowl of dry food out all day it may be hard to determine how much has been eaten.
  • Some cats may actually over eat if they see a full bowl of dry food out.

Semi-Moist Food

This kind of cat food usually falls in between wet and dry food. I like to think of this cat food as treats. Semi-moist cat food is shaped almost like a pellet or a larger piece of dry food. It isn’t as dry as dry food but does have a little bit of moisture.

This food usually comes in a small resealable package. We have a couple packages laying around and usually give Watson one or two pieces as a reward. He goes crazy for his treats. I probably wouldn’t rely on this kind of food for a regular feeding routine. Like I mentioned earlier, this food should be used as a reward or treat.

Top Choices For The Best Cheap Cat Food

Buying cat food doesn’t have to break the bank. There are a lot of awesome cheap cat food options out there. Here is a list of some of our favorites.

Fancy Feast Poultry & Beef Variety Pack

Fancy Feast Poultry & Beef Variety Pack​

I’m sure you have seen the Fancy Feast commercials at some point in your life. They scoop the food into a fancy looking cat bowl and the beautiful large white cat comes along to have his meal. They make the cat food look so gourmet that only fancy cats can eat it. With all that being said, this cat food brand is a name you can trust.

The great thing about this food is that it is a variety pack. This means that it comes with a variety of flavors to choose from. Now your cat won’t get bored with one specific kind of flavor or protein. The variety pack gives your cat options to choose from. Another awesome perk is if you order the food online it will be delivered to your door. No more having to lug all those cat food cans into your house after shopping.

Fancy Feast is packed with the nutrients and vitamins your cat needs to grow healthy and strong. It even says it right on the front of their packages. Fancy Feast promises a 100% complete and balanced nutritional blend. This is definitely our top choice for cat food in this category.


  • Package comes as a variety pack. Now your cat won’t have to rely on one specific cat food flavor.
  • Fancy Feast is a well known brand and they make sure all their food is 100% balanced.
  • If you order online it can be delivered right to your door on a consistent basis. No more supermarket visits.


  • Some cats did not like ALL the flavors. If that happens simply contact Fancy Feast and they will help you.
  • Some cans had a varying moisture level. A couple cans were wetter than other.

Sheba Perfect Portions Variety Pack

Sheba Perfect Portions Variety Pack

I would definitely have to point out that the Sheba brand is currently not very well known in the cat food community. I feel like a lot of the larger brands are beginning to do more marketing and it is covering up some of the smaller brands.

Sheba used to be a popular brand but they are still around today at a much more discounted price! You will notice their brand immediately because they always like to feature their light grey cat on the box. Don’t let their lack of popularity scare you away. Sheba is still committed to providing your cat with the best food for strength and health.

Just like the Fancy Feast above. This perfect portions food comes in a variety pack so your cat can have a different meal every day. You wouldn’t want to eat the same thing everyday so why would your cat? Sheba wet cat food is made without gluten, soy, corn or wheat. This is so you know that your cat is only getting the freshest ingredients each and every time. Also the perfect portions make it easy to just peel and serve. No more having to estimate the portion sizes. Everything is measured out already.


  • The food is made with 100% natural ingredients for continued growth and advancement.
  • Sheba makes all their food without gluten, soy, corn and wheat.
  • No more gross leftovers in your fridge. Just peel off the top and serve to your cat. Everything is portioned out.


  • A couple of the seafood options smelled really bad. If I were you I would just stick with the chicken, turkey, and beef options.
  • Sometimes it was hard to remove the cover off of the portioned out food.

Whiskas Tender Bites Variety Pack

Whiskas Tender Bites Variety Pack

Here is another awesome wet food variety pack for your cat! Whiskas is definitely a name you see all over commercials and in pet stores. When you think of cat food, Whiskas should be one brand that comes to mind almost instantly.

Their tender bites variety pack is perfect for removing the gross open cans in your fridge. It is also great for cats that are always traveling. Simply pop the tender bites pouch in your bag or travel case and it is easy to transport. No refrigeration needed because everything is sealed tight. If you haven’t realized yet, I love variety packs because it allows your cat to choose what they want for dinner.

Each pouch of food is “Flavor Locked” to keep everything fresh and preserved. This Whiskas formula is packed with antioxidants and nutrients to keep your cat’s fur strong and their immune system even stronger. Also all Whiskas food is made 100% in the USA so that is an awesome thing to feel good about!


  • Serving this food is easy with their flavor lock pouches. It is simple as ripping the top of the pouch and serving it.
  • Recipes are packed with the nutrients and antioxidants your cat needs to grow up strong and healthy.
  • Four different flavors come in the variety pack so it allows your cat to have choices.


  • A couple cats did not enjoy the flavor of some of the food options. They would just lick up the broth and not eat the actual meat pieces.
  • Some owners found it hard to get all the food out of the packets. You really have to dig at the bottom of the pack to get everything out.

Meow Mix Original Choice Dry Food

Meow Mix Original Dry Food

I’m sure we all remember the catchy commercial for Meow Mix. If you’ve been living under a rock her it is!

Meow Mix is a huge brand in the cat food space. They appear to take over the market. This dry food is their original signature formula. The blend is a combination of chicken, turkey, salmon, and ocean fish. Cats will be going crazy over this flavor overload.

This dry food is perfect for cleaning your cat teeth as well as keeping him or her strong. The original choice is made with 100% natural ingredients to give your cat strong muscles and a sleek coat. If wet food isn’t your thing then you should definitely consider this Meow Mix blend.


  • 100% complete and balanced nutritional blend. No need to worry about your cat’s nutritional serving.
  • Food blend is packed with vitamins and nutrients your cat needs.
  • Quality sourced protein supports healthy muscles and strong bones.


  • Make sure you are only giving the recommended serving size because it does have a lot of carbs.
  • Some cats had a hard time chewing the dry food.

Purina ONE Tender Selects Dry Food

Purina ONE Tender Selects Dry Food

Purina is currently the food of choice for our little Watson. Unfortunately we have to buy prescription cat food because Watson had some underlying issues. Thankfully he is ok now and we definitely stand by the Purina name. Purina ONE makes an outstanding dry cat food.

This dry food is actually made with real proteins like chicken and salmon. It may not look like that coming out of the bag but it is 100% real ingredients. There are zero fillers and artificial flavors to contend with. The Purina ONE food goes through a rigorous testing process to only send out quality blends.

With every cup of dry cat food your cat is going to get 32g of protein. This is exactly what your cat needs to support itself in the wild so why not add it to their food. This formula has a taste that cats will love every single day. Watson has been on his food for almost a year and absolutely loves it. When he hears the cabinets opening he knows to run over to his food bowl.


  • Their #1 ingredient is either chicken or salmon. The protein is sourced from 100% natural ingredients. No artificial fillers or flavorings.
  • There is a dual-textured experience in each bite. Crunchy bits and tender morsels make up this awesome blend. Your cat won’t have to sit there chewing on hard food pieces.
  • Complete and balanced diet to support a healthy immune system.


  • Some users complained that the cat food pieces were too big for their cats mouth. It was hard for them to chew.

Overall Conclusion

Life doesn’t have to be hard if you own a cat. One large purchase every week is definitely the cat food. Your cat has to eat so the larger companies try to price gouge you at the super markets. Some of the best cheap cat food is available online and ready to be shipped! If I were going to make a choice from this list it would be the Fancy Feast Poultry & Beef Variety Pack.

Wet food is great for your cat and the added nutrients your cat gets is amazing. When your pet hears the can opening up they will come running for dinner or breakfast. Ordering this food online is quick and easy. No more having to lug cans of cat food into your house everyday. The process is simple and easy.

If you are using a different cheap cat food brand I would love to hear about it in the comments below. It never hurts to have more than one option!

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