Best Cat Litter Scoop For A Clean Box

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Cats are just like humans when it comes to cleanliness. You wouldn't want to see a dirty bathroom so why would your cat! Luckily there are a lot of cat litter scoops out there on the market to keep the box clean all the time.
Cat hiding in a litter box

Believe it or not, cats are very clean animals. They are always washing themselves at all times of the day. Cats are exactly like humans when it comes to certain things in life. Humans get disgusted at the sight of a dirty toilet or bathroom. Cats are actually the same way. That is why they always cover up their bathroom breaks when they’re done. They can’t stand to see their mess. It is then up to the owner to clean the box on a regular basis. If you have the best cat litter scoop, it will make this cleaning process a whole lot easier. A strong and sturdy scoop will do a world of wonders.

Best Cat Litter Scoop (Top 5)

Why Is It Important To Clean The Box Regularly?

Smelly litter box

As I mentioned earlier on. Cats actually get disgusted at the sight of a dirty cat box. The smell and sight of a dirty box really makes your cat angry. This will cause them to go to the bathroom all over the house as a way to get back at you. The opposite of this would be not going to the bathroom and that’s when the health problems come into play like hairballs and urinary tract issues. It is better to be proactive and clean the litter box on a regular basis.

Keeping the waste in the litter box for a long time can cause an increased growth of bacteria and other parasites. Then the bacteria sticks to your cat’s paws and they track it all around your clean house. That’s not good for your health or your guest’s health. Scooping out the waste will prevent this from happening and decrease the overall growth of harmful parasites. It is also a good idea to empty out your cat’s box and wash it with hot water and bleach every so often. This will kill any underlying things growing at the bottom of the box.

Cleaning out the cat box hasn’t been simpler. There are cat litter scoops out there that actually sift out the waste and leave the clean litter in the box. That way you aren’t wasting litter and constantly having to refill it. Scoop out the clumps and leave the loose litter behind.

What To Look For In A Cat Litter Scoop

Surprisingly there are a TON of different litter scoops on the market. You think it would be an easy purchase but you actually have to take a couple things into consideration before making your purchase. We have gone through a lot of scoops in our short time of owning a cat. If there is one thing I can make as a requirement. It would be to not skimp out on a cat litter scoop. Here are some things to look for when buying a cat litter scoop for your house.

Scoop Size Is Everything

In theory you want this to be a very easy process. Grab the scoop, sift through the litter box, and dispose of the waste. It shouldn’t be more complicated than that. If you want to complete this process in the least amount of scoops possible then make sure you’re picking a scoop with a large head. This is going to allow you to take less scoops and fewer trips to the trash barrel.

We only have one cat in our house but Watson’s bathroom trips are frequent. We opted in for a larger scoop because we were sick and tired of doing a lot of scoops with a smaller version. The larger scoop head picks up mostly everything in the first round. Sometimes we need to go back into the box for a second round if we forget a day. Save yourself the trips and get a larger cat litter scoop.

Does The Scoop Have A Sifting Option?

This is a question you should be asking yourself when you’re in the market for a new litter scoop. A scoop that has a sifting option is the way to go. This type of scoop will hold on to the clumped litter and sift out the clean litter. Everything will go safely back into the cat box. Keeping everything contained in the litter box will keep your house clean and fresh. To make things even easier you should start buying a non-tracking cat litter brand. Companies now make products that won’t stick to your cat’s paws when they exit the litter box.

The best cat litter scoop is going to have some kind of sifting option built in. All of the scoops on my list will have an easy sifting option. We have tested some brands in the past and you really had to shake the scoop to start the sifting process. All of the scoops in this article have a fast sifting feeling so you don’t have to waste your time shaking it around.

Does It Feel Ok In Your Hands?

You’ll be surprised at how many different designs there are for one scoop. Some designs are more well made as compared to other designs. Don’t think that buying the cheapest scoop is the way to go.

You want to get a product that feels great in your hands and isn’t uncomfortable. The process isn’t really pleasant to begin with. You’re scooping out waste left behind by your cat. You want this whole thing to be quick and not uncomfortable in any way.

The handle on the scoop should be sturdy enough but not too thick. There are also some scoops out there with grips on the handle. This will deter the scoop from falling out of your hand during scooping. Also, if you’re uncomfortable bending over for whatever reason they also make long handled scoops so you can stand up the whole time. I actually review one below and I think it is a great option.

I also wanted to point out that if you combine the scooping with a high quality litter vacuum you shouldn’t see anything on your floors outside of the cat box.

What Is The Scoop Made Out Of?

The scoops material can essentially be made out of two different types of materials, plastic or metal. I would recommend staying far away from plastic scoops because they can bend and break very easily. If you’re on a budget though then the plastic option is ok. Just be careful with it. We have broken a couple of plastic scoops in the past. We finally put a little bit more money down and got a nice sturdy metal one. Now we can scoop anything out of the box!

Plastic scoops are usually cheaper than metal scoops but that is because it is made with a cheaper material. A high quality metal scoop will pay for itself years down the line. We found that out the hard way when we started purchasing plastic scoops. It is not worth the headaches.

Top 5 Best Cat Litter Scoops

DuraScoop Jumbo Cat Litter Scoop

This jumbo cat litter scoop is the only product actually designed by cat enthusiasts. What I liked most about this litter scoop was the gigantic head it has. This large top will have your cat litter box cleaned in no time.

The scoop is made out of 100% aluminum so you know it is going to last for years to come. The metal is also good for digging deep down into the box for those hard to see surprises. Sifting is simple and easy with the wider slots. No more having to shake your hand to get all the loose litter out. Now the litter will flow out of scoop easily and back into the cat box. You will definitely notice as soon as you pick up this scoop that it was built to last.

The handle has a protective coating so it won’t slip out of your hand. Also the end of the scoop has a small hole so you can hang it up and keep it hidden. The handle is also made of aluminum so it won’t snap if you have a heavier load to pick up. The DuraScoop is at the top of our list because it is an all around wonderful cat litter scoop.


  • Aluminum makes up this wonderful cat litter scoop. You won’t snap this scoop because it is made with a very strong metal.
  • Sifting slots on the head of the scoop allow for easy separation. Now the loose litter will fall back into the cat box.
  • The handle on this scoop is also made of aluminum and comes in a non-slip finish. Convenient hole at the end of the scoop allows you to hang it up when not in use.


  • Some cat owners mentioned that this scoop was on the heavier side.
  • If you have a really small litter box this scoop may be too extreme. More suited for medium to large litter boxes.

IPRIMIO Deep Shovel Cat Litter Scoop With Holder

This scoop is made with aluminum and coated with Teflon. The Teflon is supposed to make the litter easily slide off and not stick to the scoop. Some users had mixed reviews when it came to the Teflon.

Just like the scoop before this one. The aluminum gives the scoop a sturdy body and strong exterior. No more snapping the scoop. The deep mouthed shovel can dig down deep and the wider holes provide easy sifting. The handle also has a molded grip so it is easy to hold. The handle starts out skinny then gradually gets larger.

One addition to this scoop is a handy wall mounted holder. Now instead of leaving the scoop on the floor you can mount the holder and hang up your scoop when you’re done. This will leave your floors clean and the gross scoop out of view.


  • Cat litter scoop is made with aluminum and coated in Teflon. This is meant to stop litter pieces from sticking to the scoop after it is used.
  • Package comes with a wall mounted holder so you can safely hang up the scoop when you’re done using it. Keep your floors and house clean.
  • Handle is sturdy and won’t slip around in your hand. Also holes on the sifter are larger and easier for litter to escape through.


  • The Teflon coating did not prevent litter from sticking to the scoop. It almost seems as a gimmick.
  • Some users mentioned that the wall mounted holder did not stay on the wall very long. You may need to screw it to the wall for a stronger hold.

Brask Jumbo Sized Cat Litter Scoop

The Brask cat litter scoop is definitely a shovel. At first glance you will notice the shiny aluminum finish of this scoop. Everything on this scoop says strong and powerful. You can do some serious damage when it comes to cleaning your cat’s litter box. This product definitely earns a spot on this list for many different reasons.

First off I want to point out that this cat litter scoop sports an extra long handle as compared to other scoops on this list. This will give you the added distance you need so you don’t have to completely kneel down on the floor to scoop out the litter box. Also the litter scooper has 5mm wide slits in it so you don’t have to shake it all around to allow the loose litter to fall through. These are the largest holes for any scooper on this list.

The handle is ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue. Larger scoops can really do a number on your hands. Constantly having to lift out heavy litter clumps can take a toll. Thankfully the handle is cushioned and built for comfort. When you pick up this scooper for the first time you will realize that it is durable and built to last for years to come.


  • This scooper has one of the longest handles on the market. Now you won’t have to strain yourself to scoop out all the waste.
  • Ergonomic handle gives you the comfort you need for years to come. No more hurting yourself to keep your house smelling fresh.
  • The shiny aluminum metal is rust free. Now all the liquids in your cat’s box won’t ruin the overall look of this scooper. What’s good about this is that you can also wash it in the sink or under a hose.


  • Some scoop users complained that the angle of the scoop could be improved. They found it a little awkward to get hard to reach places in the litter box.
  • The scooper does not contain a place to hang it up. There should be some kind of hole at the end of the handle so it isn’t left lying on the floor somewhere.

Sand Dipper Long Handle Cat Litter Scoop

The first thing you will notice with this scooper is that it’s not your ordinary product. It looks like someone took a ski pole and attached a cat litter scoop to the bottom of it. Thankfully this contraption works better than how it looks. You will see with this product that it sports and extra long handle. Even bigger than the Brask scooper. You won’t have to do any bending over because this handle will do all the work for you. You can use it the same way you would a shovel or broom.

The reason for this design is to help clear up any back problems people experience while scooping out the litter box. This cat litter scooper is super easy to hold and feels great in your hands. Sand Dipper’s design is actually pretty comfortable overall. You may feel a little weird using it at first but you will get over it pretty quickly. If you have limited mobility but own a couple cats then this is going to be your best choice for cat litter scoops.


  • Extra long handle can extend all the way up to 27 inches! You can now clean out your cat’s litter box without bending over.
  • Stainless steel basket traps litter clumps and doesn’t rust. Sifting is also easier with the larger holes on the basket.
  • This scooper is made with high quality ingredients and also comes with a one year warranty. If anything happens during that first year send it back for a replacement. I can’t recall any other companies offering this kind of service.


  • The scooper is rounded at the end. A couple cat owners found it challenging to get into the corners of the box.
  • The longer handled scooper can be hard to store when not in use. This device can’t be easily stored away in a cabinet.

Neater Scooper With Disposable Bags

This model of litter scooper is much different than some of the other models on this list. This one actually has a bagging option attached to the actual scooper. Now scooping out the waste and bagging it can be done in one simple motion. The only thing you will need to do is scoop out the waste and with the tilt of the wrist dispose of it in the waste bag.

This type of design is much more sanitary and clean for the end user. No more having to handle waste by transferring it to a bag or trash barrel. Everything is done in one streamlined motion. When you’re done scooping out the box simply remove the scooper from the bin and tie off the disposable bag. Pull it out and throw it in a trash barrel. It is as simple as that. The scooper also comes with a handy hole towards the top to hang it up when you’re done with it. This model does come with extra waste bags so if you run out you will have plenty of backups.


  • This cat litter scooper has a trash bin attached to it. Insert a waste bag into the attachable trash bin and scoop out the waste in one simple motion. No need to transfer between bags.
  • This method of cleaning waste from the litter box is much more sanitary and cleaner. You don’t risk touching any of the waste coming out of the cat box.
  • Disposing of the waste is easy and painless. Simply detach the scooper and tie up the waste bag. That’s it!


  • This scooper is made with plastic and can have a tendency to break. Don’t try to do a lot of heavy scooping.
  • Sometimes the bags did not stay put in the trash bin. You need to make sure everything is secured tightly before scooping.

My Thoughts And Choices

Scooping out your cat’s litter box is now easier than ever. There are a lot of wonderful scoopers out there in the market. If I had to make a choice I would choose the DuraScoop Jumbo Cat Litter Scoop. The product is made with a sturdy metal that won’t break under stress. There is also a comfortable handle that won’t hurt your hand over time.

Let me know what you think in the comments below! What do you use to scoop out your cat’s litter box? Have you had any bad experiences with cheap litter scoops?

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