What Is The Best Cat Litter For Odor Control?

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There are so many different litters to choose from. Some are great at clumping up while others a good at masking smells. Keeping your house smelling fresh can be tricky. If you pick the right cat litter it can make a huge difference.
Cat sitting in a litter box

Let’s face it, cat litter can get smelly. If you’re not scooping out the box on a regular basis it can be a stinky situation for your house. Your guests might stop showing up and your furry little friend will start getting mad at you. Unfortunately, cats haven’t figured out how to flush the toilet yet so it is up to the owner to do the dirty work. If you are proactive with your litter, you can save a lot of headaches down the line. The best cat litter for odor control is going to save your house from the harmful smells that originate from the cat box.

I am shocked when cat owners tell me that the litter they’re using doesn’t contain an odor eliminator. Litter technology has gotten so advanced that smells are eliminated on contact. You can take one less thing off of your plate, with an odor eliminating cat litter.

Having the right tools in your arsenal ahead of time will make cleaning the litter box so much easier. Having a heavy duty litter box scoop and a high quality vacuum will clean up almost any mess.

Best Cat Litter For Odor Control

Tips For Eliminating Odors

Besides picking an effective litter, there are some other things you can do to bring down the smells that originate from a litter box. Even if you buy the best cat litter on the market, you can combine it with these tips for a complete odorless defense system.

Litter Box Location Is Everything

Nice looking livingroom

Where you pick to house your litter box is more important than you think it is. Picking a well ventilated area is going to be better than a closet with no windows and no ventilation. It is almost common sense.

Would you want to go to the bathroom in a closet with no fan, window, or vent? Or would you want to go to the bathroom in a well ventilated area? I think the answer is pretty obvious. The well ventilated area is going to win everytime.

People don’t want to smell you after you’ve gone to the bathroom. It is gross and a little bit unsanitary. The same goes for your cat. No one wants to smell your cat, or the room where their little box is located.

The best thing to do is pick a room with some kind of window that you can leave cracked to get some fresh air. This will help to get rid of any stinky smells coming from your cats litter box. Smells will be dispersed quickly so no one else has to smell it. This is a great starting point.

Keep The Room Fresh All The Time

Plug in air fresheners can add that extra layer of security for stinky smells. Some people prefer to use candles but I know that cats are very curious creatures and a candle can easily be knocked over. Then you might be buying a new house instead of a quality odor controlling cat litter.

There are a ton of affordable air fresheners online that smell great and do a wonderful job masking scents.

You definitely don’t want to pick something extremely strong though. Cats like to mark their territory so they can let other animals know, “this is all mine”. If you pick some kind of air freshener that’s super strong it may irritate your cat and they will retaliate by going to the bathroom wherever they feel like it.

Mild air fresheners are going to work the best in this situation. Just something to be aware of.

Clean The Box Consistently

Cleaning the floor

This should be pretty obvious but you need to clean the litter box on a regular basis. Leaving the litter box dirty and full of waste is just begging to give off horrible smells. A good rule of thumb is to scoop out the box as often as you can. This is a good rhythm to get into because it will keep everything fresh the longest.

To make cleaning the litter box simple and easy you should look for a litter that has clumping capabilities. This will make scooping very effective because you will be able to get all the waste out on the first cleaning. I like to throw it into a bag and take it out to the trash.

There are also some flushable cat litters out there that make disposal super easy. Simply scoop out the waste and dump it into the toilet. Hit the flusher and that’s it. No extra steps to take the bag outside and throw it in the trash.

If your cat notices that the litter box is full they won’t go to the bathroom in it. Plus it can start to develop some nasty smells. It is better to keep on top of it so things don’t get worse.

Use Enough Litter In The Box

Some cat owners are cheap and will only use a tiny bit of litter in the box. A recommended amount of litter is 2 to 3 inches deep. Anything less than that won’t be effective at masking smells.

Cats love to dig around in the litter box and cover their waste when they’re done. If there isn’t enough litter in the box they won’t be able to cover all of their waste and it could lead to foul smells.

Litters that specialize is controlling odors won’t be able to work in time if there isn’t enough litter. I understand that litter can be expensive but if you aren’t using it to its full potential you are just wasting your money.

Scented Cat Litter Vs. Unscented Cat Litter

This debate has been going on for a very long time. Which cat litter is better? Is it scented cat litter or is it unscented cat litter? I am here to say that it doesn’t really matter as long as your cat is acceptable to it.

Some cat owners think that scented cat litters are bad for any cat because it can interfere with their sense of smell. When they get close to the litter box the artificial scents will irritate them and drive them to a different location in your home.

Personally, our cat Watson, doesn’t have any issues with scented cat litter. He goes to the bathroom no problem, and the scents don’t irritate him. Maybe he is a unique cat but he doesn’t think twice about the overall smell of his litter. We started him really early on scented cat litter so maybe that has something to do with it as well.

The only thing you can really do is test it and see what happens. If your cat takes to the new litter then great! If he runs away then you know what to look for the second time. Not all cats are the same.

Best Cat Litter For Odor Control (Top 5)

Fresh Step Extreme Clumping Cat Litter

Fresh Step Extreme Clumping Cat Litter

The Fresh Step Extreme cat litter is going to be our top choice for best odor controlling cat litter. This cat litter can conquer any smelly litter box. This litter has been combined with the power of Febreze to eliminate odors on contact.

The great thing about this litter is that it has a “10 day odor control guarantee”. What this means is that if you forget to clean the box for 10 days it will still manage to smell fresh and clean. The charcoal in the litter traps odors and keeps them contained for up to 10 days. Not a lot of companies can offer this kind of protection.

Fresh Step also does a wonderful job at clumping up so it is easier to scoop out of the box. The clumping clay litter is super effective and a great addition to an already wonderful litter. The litter absorbs liquids and form super tight clumps for easy removal.


  • Fresh Step offers a 10 day odor lock guarantee. Your cat litter will be able to trap and hold on to odors for up to 10 days.
  • The low dust formula keeps your cat’s paws spotless and your floors squeaky clean. No more paw prints dirtying up your floor.
  • Tight clumps are formed thanks to their special litter combination. Making clean up a breeze.


  • The box that holds the cat litter can be a little bit hard to handle. There isn’t a good place to hold on to while pouring it out.
  • The scent of Febreze can be a little distracting to your furry friend. They may not want to use the litter box.

Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Platinum

Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Platinum

Arm & Hammer is another strong contender on this list. This lightweight cat litter is packed with odor eliminators, 10% more to be exact! Every Arm & Hammer cat litter is backed by their amazing baking soda.

Combine the heavy duty odor eliminators with the power of Arm & Hammer baking soda and you have one incredibly strong litter. Any harmful odors are eliminated almost instantly on contact. It traps the odors first then destroys it.

The Clump & Seal Platinum formula is very similar to the Fresh Step brand. They aren’t as strong, but the Clump & Seal offers a 7 day odor lock guarantee. You won’t smell anything for 7 days if you leave the litter box dirty. This is a good foundation to have if you go on a trip for a couple days etc. You won’t have to stress about getting home to clean out the box. Your cat might not be happy with you but your house will still smell fresh after all those days.

Litter granules are also super effective and clump up instantly. You won’t have to deal with anymore loose clumps as compared to other brands on the market. Arm & Hammer is a brand you can get behind and feel confident about.


  • Arm & Hammer baking soda is combined with the odor eliminating elements to make an outstanding cat litter.
  • Seals and holds on to smells for 7 days. This 7 day guarantee is a great buffer to have.
  • Clumps hold tight even during scooping. You won’t lose anything in the process.


  • This litter is a little bit on the dustier side. Make sure to pour it out slowly to not inhale a lot of smoke.
  • Just like the Fresh Step, the box is a little bit hard to handle and control. Can be a hassle to pour into the litter box.

Ever Clean Extra Strength Cat Litter

Ever Clean Extra Strength Cat Litter

Ever Clean isn’t very popular when it comes to cat litter. A lot of owners will opt in for the more popular brands like Fresh Step and Arm & Hammer. They see these brands all over the place and their marketing team is really good. I’ve fallen into this trap a couple of times as well. I get the more popular brand of something and later on find out that the unpopular brand was actually the better choice.

This cat litter is actually super comfortable on your cat’s paws. It will feel to them like they are walking on clouds. Then when they get out of the litter box, your floors will stay clean because the formula is 99.9% dust free. No more having to scrub the floors every time your cat uses the bathroom.

When battling odors, Ever Clean takes it to the next level. There are a couple elements like ammonia-shield, antimicrobial agents, and plant extracts that help to destroy litter box odors. This extra strength formula is 100% scent free and easy on your cat’s nose. Now your cat will be able to go the bathroom in peace and your house will stay smelling fresh. No better feeling than that.


  • Cat litter is 99.9% dust free to keep your floors spotless. You can now put away the mop for good.
  • The litter is unscented to keep your cat’s nose pain free. Some cats don’t enjoy the smell of artificial scents.
  • 3 different “shields” protect your home from being smelly. All are natural and safe for your little kitty.


  • The formula appears to have changed throughout the years. Some owners want the company to bring back the older blend.
  • When you first open the box there is an unpleasant smell. This disappears after a couple of hours.

Purina Tidy Cats 4-in-1 Strength Cat Litter

Purina Tidy Cats 4-in-1 Strength Cat Litter

Purina is a very strong name and company. We actually use this litter in our own box at home for Watson. He absolutely loves it. This is an all around solid product and does a fantastic job masking harmful smells.

You will notice right on the front of the label that it says “Guaranteed Tidy Lock Protection Locks Away Odors”. This is why I had to add this product as a contender for the best cat litter for odor control. Everything about this litter is done really well.

It is able to target three different types of smells. Ammonia, urine, and fecal odors are eliminated with this litter blend. Like I said, we use this in our house currently and it hasn’t given us any issues. The only problem is that it can be a little challenging to find in stores. We have a couple places we check when it isn’t in stock at a certain store.


  • The 4-in-1 formula can stop ammonia, urine, and fecal odors that come from the litter box. Some litters only eliminate one.
  • Tidy Lock Protection locks away odors and smells on contact.
  • Clumps and holds onto them until you scoop them out.


  • This line of litter can be difficult to find in stores. It might be a better option to purchase online.
  • Container is a little bit on the heavier side. Could be a challenge for older cat owners.

World’s Best Cat Litter

World’s Best Cat Litter

World’s Best Cat Litter has a lot to live up to with a name like that. I am here to tell you that their product definitely lives up to the hype.

Don’t be alarmed but this litter is actually made from corn. Corn is naturally absorbent and really good at being a cat litter. You will notice that liquids are instantly absorbed with this corn like mixture. You won’t want to use anything besides corn from here on out.

Since the corn is so absorbent it is also really good at trapping odors! Harmful smells will stay trapped deep inside the litter. The corn is really effective at masking any smells. One other huge advantage of this litter is the fact that it can be flushed down the toilet! This has been tested and it is safe for pipes or septic tanks. No more having to run outside in the cold to throw out your cats waste.

You’ll love this cat litter and soon you will be saying it is the world’s best!


  • This cat litter is made from corn which is super absorbent. This awesome trait is great for absorbing liquids and trapping smells. No artificial scents needed.
  • Cat litter can be flushed down the toilet! No more having to use a grocery bag and a scoop to get rid of the evidence.
  • Since the cat litter is made from corn it is super lightweight. Your back will thank you for not lifting a heavy box.


  • The corn can really turn your cat off from using the litter box. If you currently use clay litter I would suggest transitioning them over to this brand gradually.
  • The corn could be a little bit on the dustier side. The website says they are dust free but some owners reported a dusty product.

Overall Winner

There are so many different litters on the market. It can be challenging to pick the best one that covers all the bases. Having a litter that is good at controlling odors can create a more enjoyable environment in your home. You won’t have to be welcomed everyday with a horrible scent.

If I had to pick the best cat litter for odor control it would be the Fresh Step Extreme Clumping Cat Litter. This product does so many wonderful things. It is amazing at masking odors and also clumping up. You and your cat will love this new cat litter.

Let me know what you think in the comments below! What do you currently use in your house for cat litter? Does it mask odors or are you looking for something new?

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