Best Cat Harness For Taking Your Pet Outside

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So many cat owners are starting to expose their indoor cats to the outdoor world. Giving your cat a constant exercise outlet can provide so many health benefits. Getting a high quality cat harness can have your cat exploring the yard in no time!
Cat in a harness going outside

Giving your cat enough exercise is crucial for their health and well-being. If you strictly have an indoor cat they may be chomping at the bit to get outside and explore. Most of the time they are perched somewhere high looking out the windows, wishing they could feel the grass on their paws. Some cat companies thought to themselves, If dogs can go on leashes, why can’t cats! That is when the cat harness was made. Some of the best cat harness brands are comfortable for your furry friend and also safe enough that they won’t escape.

Our Cat Harness Story

Our cat Watson is always looking out the window wishing he could get a taste of the great outdoors. So last summer we started researching the best cat harnesses and made our purchase. We also purchased one of those retracting leashes so he could get some distance from us but also come back if he went too far. The leash also had a locking mechanism just in case he started to get too far.

We wanted to get him a full body harness because we thought the neck collar would hurt him or he would slip his little head through the hole and run away. The full body harness appeared to be the best choice.

Time To Take Him Outside!

The harness and leash arrived at the house and we couldn’t wait to get him outside. First things first, I wanted to put the harness on him inside and see what he did before bringing him outside. I also wanted to make sure that the harness was snug on his body and wouldn’t slip off when he pulled at it. The harness did feel a little awkward on Watson because when I tightened everything he kind of just rolled over and didn’t know what to do. Eventually he got used to the harness and was ready to go outside!

His first trip out into the wild, aka the front yard, appeared to be very enjoyable. He was exploring everything from grass all the way up to the bees flying by. I just had to make sure he wouldn’t eat any of them! Watson couldn’t get enough of the outdoors and when I would take him back in he would cry for a good 10 minutes wishing he could go back outside. It become a daily routine that when I would come home from work I would put his harness on and take him for a walk outside. It was the best purchase we ever made for him.

With all that being said, here are some of our top choices for cat harnesses. I can’t wait to hear your stories in the comments below!

Best Cat Harnesses (Top 5)

Why It’s Good To Take Your Cat Outside

Daily exercise is crucial if you want to keep your cat healthy and strong. Having an overweight cat can cause a lot of health problems and make it really uncomfortable for your pet. With a lean diet and a lot of exercise you can decrease your cat’s weight dramatically. Taking your cat outside to run around is a perfect way to keep up with their daily exercise needs. Here are some other awesome reasons for why it is good to take your cat outdoors.

It Calms Your Cat Down

A girl meditating by the water

Simply letting your cat walk around outside has so many health benefits associated with it. Just being outside and breathing in fresh air will instantly calm down your feline friend. Shyness, anxiety, and aggression can all be cured with a little walk around the front yard.

The same also goes for humans. When someone is stressed or super anxious the thing most doctors say to do is take a couple minutes and walk around outside. The fresh air and sunlight will immediately put your mind at ease and you will start to calm down.

Mental Sharpness Is Increased

An indoor cat always gets the short end of the stick. They are stuck in the house all day looking at the world through a window. The birds flying by and the bugs crawling in the bushes can’t be chased because there is a paine of glass in the way. Being outside and actually touching all of these things is a wonderful feeling for any cat.

I remember when Watson touched grass for the first time it was so foreign to him. It didn’t feel like the hard wood floors that he was usually accustomed to. He could run his paws through the grass and feel the wind blowing over his fur. This kind of activity won’t make your cat bored and in fact, it will make their minds much sharper over time. The outside world gives them so many different things to think about and it is constantly keeping their minds working.

Stronger Bond With Your Cat

I can say with confidence that taking Watson outside on a daily basis has strengthened our relationship as a whole. This may sound dumb but going outside and exploring the yard together is great for the both of us. He trusts me to give him some distance and I am able to read his cues. I know what he enjoys and what he doesn’t. When we get back into the house I can tell that he loves when I take him outside to play around.


A girl stretching before sports

I mentioned this earlier on in the article. Providing some kind of exercise for your cat is the best thing you can do for them. Constantly being able to stretch their legs and run around can be great for burning unnecessary calories.

Exercise of any kind is good but running around outside is the best. It is beneficial for both yourself and your furry friend. Try to make some time everyday to take your cat outside but only when it is nice out. We live in a place that gets really harsh winters so Watson is dying for the summer to come around so he can go back outside.

How To Choose The Right Harness

Buying a harness isn’t as simple as you think it would be. You want to make sure you’re getting the best fit for your cat because you don’t want them slipping out and running into the woods. All of the cat harnesses on this list have many different sizes but they all fit into the category of “safe harnesses”.

Does It Actually Fit Your Cat?

I would have to say that this is the most important thing to consider when purchasing a harness for your cat. The best cat harness for your pet is going to fit perfectly and also feel a little snug. You don’t want it to be too snug though, because it will hurt your cat.

All of the products I recommend have a sizing chart so you can be sure you’re getting the right harness. I would suggest checking the chart and then measuring your cat to make sure you’re in the right size group. One rule of thumb, you should be able to fit 2 fingers between the harness and your cat’s body. That’s when you know the fit is just right.

How Comfortable Is It?

There are a ton of different cat harnesses on the market. All of them come in many different shapes and sizes. Cats are very sensitive creatures and freeze up if something doesn’t feel comfortable to them. So if your cat harness is too tight or squeezes them in weird places they won’t do anything. You want to make sure that the harness fits comfortably on your cat and doesn’t put them in any pain.

Get The Right Harness For Your Cat’s Behavior

What I mean by this is to understand how your cat would react to having a harness on. If you think they would freak out and try to escape then you should get something with more bulk to it. If they won’t even notice that it is on them, then get something with not as much bulk. Also if you think your cat is going to want to get into every nook and cranny of the yard then maybe a harness with greater mobility is needed. Doing a quick analysis of your cat is going to give you the best guess at which harness would work the best. Just go with your gut instinct.

Top 5 Best Cat Harnesses

PUPTECK Adjustable Cat Harness

PUPTECK Adjustable Cat Harness

This is the actual harness that we use for Watson. It takes him a minute or two to get adjusted to it, but once he does he is running around like a crazy cat. He loves wearing this harness and it is very comfortable to him. It definitely takes some time to get used to putting it on but once you master that it is a piece of cake.

The great thing about this harness is that it can be adjusted to fit almost any sized cat. That way you won’t need to measure your cat before making a purchase. Everything can be adjusted as your cat continues to grow. That way you aren’t buying a new harness every couple of years.

The harness is made from nylon and can fit a cat 12 pounds and under. The cat harness fits around the neck and also the stomach. The pressure is distributed evenly throughout the harness so it doesn’t become uncomfortable. Simply clip on a leash and away you go. This harness does come with a leash but we wanted one that can be adjusted so we didn’t use the one included. The harness comes in a bunch of different colors so you aren’t limited to just the red one!


  • Nylon harness can be adjusted to fit any cat size. This is perfect, because you won’t need to buy a new harness as your cat grows.
  • Since the harness has a loop around the neck and also the stomach it is pretty much escape proof. You just need to make sure it is snug and not loose.
  • Harness also comes with a 47 inch leash so you don’t need to buy one separately.


  • It will take you a couple of tries to get this on your cat for the first time. The more you practice the easier it will be to put on.
  • The harness is very limiting when you get past the 12 pound limit. Owners with much larger cats found it difficult to clip the stomach section.

Kitty Holster Cat Harness

Kitty Holster Cat Harness

If you compare this harness to the previous one you will notice a very distinct difference. This one is very heavy duty and you cat won’t be able to escape no matter what they do! The kitty holster is built for those cats that think they are Houdini. This is the original, award winning walking vest for cats. It has won numerous awards and is perfect for any cat breed. This harness is soft and comes with a comfortable cotton lining. Your cat will feel safe and secure with this around them. It will feel almost like a security blanket for them.

The harness connects around the bottom of the neck as well as the stomach and comes in 4 different sizes so make sure you are getting the right one. The sizes that it comes in are:

  • Extra small
  • Small / Medium
  • Medium / Large
  • Extra Large

Just to give you some insight. A 12 pound cat fit perfectly in the small / medium harness. You should assess your cat’s weight and make the best choice. Unfortunately there is no chart that describes the best fit for your cat. The harness does come with velcro so the fit can be adjusted. I would use the example above with the 12 pound cat, and make an educated guess.


  • This cotton lined harness is easy on your cat’s fur and makes them feel safe while outside.
  • Perfect for cats that like to escape from things. They won’t be able to sneak out with this around their bodies.
  • This harness can be cleaned in the wash. When you take your cat outside they will try to roll in everything they come in contact with. Just throw this in the wash and it will come out looking new.


  • The full torso harness may be intimidating to some cats. The larger harness may frighten your cat and they won’t want to put it on.
  • Larger cats had a hard time with the arm cuts on the harness. It seemed to rub up against their fur and really irritate them. Make sure the harness fits snuggly before taking your cat outside!

SCENEREAL Escape Proof Cat Harness

SCENEREAL Escape Proof Cat Harness

This harness has almost the same design and feel as the previous one on this list. It is a full body harness that has a very distinct look to it. Instead of just going the velcro route they also included a couple clips that provide some added protection. Your cat would need to escape from the velcro as well as the clips so it gives it a little bit of a buffer. This harness will look awesome on your cat and also give them the comfort they need.

So this harness comes in three different sizes. You can choose from small, medium, or large and here is the sizing right from the website itself.

  • Small: Fits chest girth 10.5″-12.4″, neck girth 7″-8.7″
  • Medium: Fits chest girth 11.1″-14.8″, neck girth 7.8″-9.9″
  • Large: Fits chest girth 14.1″-16.1″, neck girth 9″-13″

This should give you a good idea on which size to purchase. Picking the correct size is crucial for keeping your cat safe. This package does come with a 5 foot nylon leash that you can attach to the harness to walk your cat around the yard.


  • Harness features a velcro and clip feature so you can be double protected. No more cats sneaking out of the harness and running away.
  • The harness is made with air-mesh fabric and the outside is designed with denim. This will keep your cat safe when they are crawling through trees and bushes.
  • The harness is easy to put on and take off. It can be put on from the side instead of over the head. Your cat will appreciate this a lot.


  • The harness unfortunately only comes in one color. The outer material is made with denim and only has one color option.
  • Some cats froze up when the harness was put on them. They would just freeze and tip over.

Voyager No Pull Harness

I just wanted to start by saying that when you click on this link it will appear that this harness is only for dogs but I am confident in saying that it can also be used for cats. This harness is built to last and can be used for many years to come. The mesh harness is padded and gives your cat the comfort it needs to explore the outdoors.

The harness has 5 different sizes, so make sure you’re consulting the chart for the correct one. The harnesses do not correspond to your breeds size or weight. Everything is based off of your cat’s chest size in inches. So make sure to measure and buy the right harness. This harness also features a double security of velcro and clip. I personally think that the best cat harness should have this double security feature because it gives you a sense of relief when you’re in the yard.

Sizing Chart For Harnesses


  • Voyager harness clips on top of the cat instead of below their stomach. This is much different than most styles and I find it a lot easier to control.
  • Harness comes in a lot of different colors. Now you can get many different colors to match your outfit for the day!
  • The fit on these harnesses match perfectly with the sizing chart. You won’t have to order a size larger or smaller. Very good job with the fit.


  • The buckle is very hard to unclip when you bring your cat back inside. You have to squeeze very hard to get it undone. Seems a little bit excessive.
  • Mesh appeared to rip when some cats would go through branches or brush. It would get caught on a stick and rip a little. Just be aware of this when you’re watching your furry friend.

Mihachi Cat Harness With Removable Bowtie

I put this harness on the list because it is affective and also very stylish. When you first look at the harness you will notice that it sports a very stylish plaid bowtie. You can’t get much cuter than that! The harness is also made with the same plaid and it looks like your cat is wearing matching suspenders!

This harness is almost the same setup as the first harness on this list. It has two adjustable straps that let you fit this harness to almost any sized cat. The harness also comes in 3 wonderful colors that are all unique in their own way. You will be turning a lot of heads when they see your cat wearing a plaid bowtie in your front yard!


  • Harness is the most stylish one on the list because it has an awesome bowtie that can be removed if needed.
  • The harness and leash come in a couple different colors. You could get all three and create a bowtie wardrobe!
  • Adjustable straps on the sides of the harness allow you to fit this on to any sized cat.


  • The bowtie can be a little bit challenging to attach back onto the harness. Just make sure you are aware of how it came off.
  • The loop where you attach the leash tended to shift slightly resulting in the leash ending up on the side of the harness. Just keep an eye on that.

Overall Conclusion

Taking your cat outside and giving them fresh air can have so many awesome benefits. Exercise is very important at maintaining a healthy lifestyle for your furry friend. You don’t want them to become overweight because that is when the issues begin to happen. I’m sure you want to keep your cat around for as long as possible.

Some of the best cat harnesses on the market can be adjusted or tightened to fit any cat. It is up to you to pick your favorite color! If I had to make a choice for the top pick it would be the PUPTECK Adjustable Cat Harness. The one thing I liked was the fact that it can be adjusted to fit any cat size. That way you don’t ever have to buy another one as your cat gets older!

Let me know what you think about these harnesses in the comments below! Do you take your cat outside on a regular basis? What do you use for a harness or collar?

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