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Cat sitting in a litter box

What Is The Best Cat Litter For Odor Control?

There are so many different litters to choose from. Some are great at clumping up while others a good at masking smells. Keeping your house smelling fresh can be tricky. If you pick the right cat litter it can make a huge difference.

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A bowl of dry cat food

What Is The Best Dry Cat Food?

The debate between wet and dry food will go on for ages. Each cat owner has their own opinions on both food types. Dry food can be very beneficial if you get the right kind. See which ones made the list.

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Cat looking down from a tree

What Is The Best Cat Tree For Large Cats?

Cat trees are very cool for any cat. Your furry friend will fall in love with their cat tree. He or she is probably going to spend most of their time on it. It is only important that you pick the best one.

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Silica gel packets

What Is The Best Crystal Cat Litter For Your Home?

There are so many different cat litters to choose from. Sometimes it can be a little bit overwhelming to make a decision. The new litter hitting the market is made of small crystals and it is super absorbent. Many people are making the switch.

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